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Simple Search for Vista or Office 2007 Users

Do you, like I do, find it ironic that the default, so-called "simple" file search parameters in Windows are related to metadata rather than, simply, the file name and the directories? The amount of effort one must go through just to produce a filename search in a list of specific directories in Vista is atrocious. You have to choose the most distant and difficult-to-reach options just to specify the directories in which to search, and you can’t even use semicolons. The absolute quickest method of adding multiple directories for a search (using a keyboard) is as follows: (after Start menu -> search) … [tab] [tab] [space] [tab] [End] [tab] .. type a directory .. [Esc] [tab] [space] [tab] .. type another directory .. [Esc] [tab] [space] ..

I threw a fit in the Vista newsgroups and decided to build my own to bring the true simple search back to my life. Here’s a start, for your enjoyment. Source code included, throw in Regular Expression search support in the source code if you like, or whatever, but my needs are met.

[Download] http://www.jondavis.net/codeprojects/SimpleSearch/SimpleSearch.zip 

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