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Visual Studio 2005 on Vista: Broken ASP.NET debugging

When I upgraded to Windows Vista RTM I was reminded of the fact I already knew that Visual Studio 2005 has compatibility issues that so far have not been documented. After a week of tweaking a bunch of other things, I finally got around to firing up Visual Studio 2005 to see what is so incompatible.

The first concern I had was whether it would fail to fire up. No problems there. Then I created a Windows Forms app and tested CLR debugging. No problems there.

Next, I loaded the solution I’d been working on at work. This is a mix of class library projects and ASP.NET webs. Although I manually set up the main ASP.NET web project of interest on IIS 7 using the classic .NET 2.0 application pool, Visual Studio could not "mount" itself to IIS. Makes sense–IIS 7 breaks compatibility with IIS 6 components. There are backwards compatibility components you can install but AFAIK (but have not yet confirmed) these components are limited to workstation components for accessing other IIS 6 based servers.

All is not lost, you can still "mount" to the local file system directory and use the ASP.NET mini web server built into Visual Studio to debug. In theory.

However, given that our project files are shared on subversion (svn) with other team members who have no intention to use Windows Vista, I will not be able to get comfortable doing ASP.NET contributions on my laptop with the team.


Update: Nevermind. I’m debugging ASP.NET projects now. I’m not sure what I did between before and now, but I do know that among the requirements are 1) install IIS 6 compatibility components (which I already had), 2) enable Windows authentication on IIS, and 3) run Visual Studio as an Administrator.

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