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Column Auto-Flow In WPF

Something that HTML doesn’t have, which has always intrigued me (as being such a ridiculous limitation), is auto-flowing columns, such that when text fills up a table column it would cascade to the next column.

This is something that’s possible in Windows Presentation Foundation (but unfortunately not WPF/E). Not only that, but with coding techniques as you resize or zoom, you can change the number of columns at runtime to ensure readability.

A good video of this is here:

MSDN TV (Aug 27, 2006): Overview of Content in Windows Presentation Foundation

Another slick feature demonstrated (@ 00:14:00) is the OpenType typography implementation where you can choose from multiple different versions of the same character in order to make a particular letter or character more or less splashy, yet it’s still the same font. Here is an overview of its implementation.

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