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Book List

I added a book list here. Heh.. filled up the max capacity of the list component. Had to drop about 20 old books just to fit the new books.

Don’t worry, I’m not stupid enough to believe that my worth is wrapped up in my books. The books are definitely assets–I read them, they give me skills, I make more money, a net residual income effect–however there are more words in all these books combined than I could possibly digest in what tiny little bit is left of my young adulthood. So I keep them handy as references until I need them.

That said, I do want to get back into reading the newer books cover-to-cover. If I manage to do this I’ll certainly try to blog about it now and then.

Update: I hid the list for now but I’ll re-enable it once I have more meaningful content. Nobody cares about a list of books anyway but if for some reason you do, you can still find it in the Lists link at the top left.

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