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A True Waste of Money


So Panasonic has a 103" plasma television for sale for only $70,000. This reminds me of the yacht size competition that’s been going on between the planet’s wealthiest folks who are out to sink each other on the basis of size alone. It’s such a rediculous waste of money. Think about how many starving children you can feed in Africa for $70,000. I’m thinking, for one day, about 140,000. For life, about three.

I just realized, I could buy not one, not two, not three, but ten 2002 Toyota Echo cars. I love my 2002 Toyota Echo … Maybe the other nine would be back-ups in case the first one needed an oil change. Or I suppose there might be ten different colors, one to match my clothes for the day, but I don’t think they had that many colors for the car. Hmmm….

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